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Incepand cu anul 2009 SC Mens Mentis SRL a obtinut un contract de unica distributie in Romania de la cel mai mare furnizor de aparate fitness noi si reconditionate din Europa cu peste 9000 de aparate pe stoc. In scurt timp a devenit liderul pietei romanesti prin calitatea si profesionalismul serv ...

Remus heredeu a testat calitatea aparatelor furnizate de catre Mens Mentis
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Interview with:

Remus Heredeu

Mens Mentis: - How old are you and till when have you begun the bodybuilding trainings?

Remus Heredeu: - I am 27 years old and I've begun to practice bodybuilding since February 2000

MM: - What determined yourself to practice bodybuilding on high performance level?

RH: - In 2000 I was spectator at 2 competitions, among which Hercule Cup and I liked what I saw, in 2001 I won the first title, the title of Junior National Champion.

MM: - How many kg did you have when you began the bodybuilding and how many kg do you have now respectively sizes as arms, thighs etc.?

RH: I don't know exactly how many kg I had, but somewhere between 58-60kg and 32 cm arm, now I have in the body period 96-100 ( the most I had 102 kg) and in the competition form I have round 85 kg. This year I hope to do a leap at 90 kg in the competition form. Regarding the sizes in this moment I have on arm 49,5 cm cold and 50,5-51 cm warm and on thighs I have round 69 cm cold, when it is warm it is added 1-1,5 cm.
MM: You are known for your defining and vascularisation. What do you do to obtain these qualities of your muscles?

RH: Everything consists in a draconian diet and in cardio, when I say cardio I mean running belt especially and the force training remains practically the same.

MM: Which is your preferred type of training and eventual some preferred groups and afferent exercises?

RH: I like the style of Heavy Duty (type Dorian Yates) for the big groups of muscles I work 4 exercises, each one of 2 basis series (plus of course the warm-up) and for the little groups I work 3 exercises each one of 2 basis series, the number of repetitions varies between 4-15/series, but each repetition is executed very controlled on the positive side of the movement, but also on the negative one. I can not say that I have preferred muscles groups, I like all of them, but I am very concentrated and I like to work the forceless groups that are in my case the short head of the triceps and the legs. My preferred exercises are generally the basis one, I want to mention two of them: genuflections with the bar on the trapeze and remain with the bar from bent to back, in my opinion you are not bodybuilder, if you don't do these.
MM: Some force records in the hall?

RH: I have never trained on this purpose, but I can say that I did genuflections up down with the bar (not half, but complete) with 220 kg 5 repetitions without help, row movements I do with 140-160 kg 8 repetitions, and pushed from shoulders with the weights of 50 kg (there are any bigger) 8 repetitions, all these are done without any help.

MM: Are there devices that you are using more in the body period and devices that you are using in the defining period?

RH: Generally I use the same devices in the on as in the off period, only that I add some isolation movements especially on pulley.
MM: Which is the role of cardio devices during the defining period? Or do you use them in the force period also?

RH: During the defining period I do till 2 hours cardio in a day ( 1 hour in the morning on empty stomach and 1 hour after the force training, this depends on my mood).In the body period I do 30 minutes after the force training 2-3 time/week, cardio consists in fast going, a kind of run on the running belt and on stationary cycle. I consider that cardio training brings to another form level and it is very healthy.....while iron drawing we develop our scheletical muscles and less the cardiovascular muscles, but practicing cardio we develop our cardiovascular system and and not only also.
MM: How have you felt training yourself with the devices provided by the Mens Mentis Fitness Shop?

RH: I liked and I was honored to probe some transoceanic devices. I have read on Internet about them, but till now I hadn't had the opportunity to be in training on them.
MM: Which device did you like the most?

RM: I liked all of them, but especially I liked the horizontal force for the legs, the horizontal device for legs and the slide for pushing the shoulders.
MM: What kind of future plans do you have? Which is the next competition for that you are training?

RH: In this year I will take part in 2-3 competitions in the autumn. I want to probe/to try something, and if everything goes fine I would like to participate at the Senior European Championship in 2010.